Welcome to RoSA (Rape or Sexual Abuse Support)

RoSA is a local independent charity offering support to victims and survivors of rape, sexual violence and sexual abuse.  We work with both male and female survivors, and young survivors from the age of five years.  We also support partners, family members and loved ones if needed.  Supervision and support is also offered to professionals working with survivors in any capacity.

RoSA networks with many other organisations and is a member of The Survivors Trust, a national umbrella organisation supporting specialist voluntary sector agencies working with survivors of rape and sexual abuse.  We offer a completely confidential service which helps victims and their families to become survivors and to rebuild their lives.

Has rape or sexual abuse affected your life?

  • Are you worried about going to the GP alone?
  • Do you have concerns about reporting to the police and going to court?
  • Would you like support when going to meetings?
  • Are you unsure about what services are available to you?
  • Are you using alcohol or drugs to help you cope?
  • Is there a lot to deal with at the moment?
  • Are you finding it difficult to trust other people?

We believe it requires great courage to take that first step of picking up the telephone and admitting that you have been raped or abused, and that you need help.

We run a confidential helpline on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays 10am to 2pm, Tuesdays 3-7pm, and Saturdays 10am to 12 noon.  At other times there is a confidential answer phone service, with calls being returned soon afterwards.  Callers are usually offered an assessment within one week of contacting the service.

Our aim is to meet the needs and relieve the distress of any one, from the age of 5 years, who has suffered rape or sexual abuse, whenever it took place.

  • We can help the individual to work through their distress as far as is possible, and to help them move forward in picking up the threads of their lives.
  • We can provide sufficient information and support to enable them to report the incident to the authorities, if they choose to do so, and to continue with this support whilst any proceedings take place.
  • We can provide support and information to the partners and families of raped or sexually abused individuals.
  • We liaise within the community with individuals, groups and organisations to promote the work of RoSA in an effort to prevent further rapes, sexual violence and sexual abuse.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) service provides advocacy, mediation, practical support and signposting for sexual crime victims in the criminal justice system to enable them to make informed decisions about their case.  Follow the link for more information on this service.

Please browse through the links on our website as there is a lot of information that can assist you.  A particularly helpful link is our Survivors Guide booklet which is available to download.