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Rape and sexual abuse are amongst the most hidden crimes in our society. It is estimated that only 15% of those who experience it report it to the police.
12% of adults are thought to have experienced sexual assault, resulting in approximately 4 million victims and survivors in need of support. (Crime Survey for England and Wales 2017). The effects are both physical and mental.

  • Almost two fifths (39%) of victims suffered physical injuries
  • Nearly two thirds (63%) of victims suffered mental or emotional problems as a result of their abuse. 1 in 10 attempted suicide.

RoSA exists to support these survivors.

  • We listen without judgement.
  • We believe without question.
  • We work with our clients to do what they need us to do to help them recover.
  • We treat our clients with dignity, respect and in confidence.

We are here for our clients, but we need your support.

As a charity, RoSA depends on the generosity of Our Supporters and the general public to continue our vital work. Whether you can give time, money, or skills we are incredibly grateful for all your support – did you know that you can give us money without spending an extra penny through online shoppng!


Your donation to RoSA will go directly to supporting victims and survivors. Your support will make a real difference to their lives – no donation is too small. For further information on the many easy ways to give click here.

Fun run


We really value and appreciate the fund raising done to support our charity. It makes a real difference to the victims and survivors of sexual abuse. If you’d like to arrange a fundraising event, from a cake sale and coffee morning to a sponsored event we would love to hear from you. For further information on fundraising, click here.


Volunteer for RoSA to make a difference and develop some skills at the same time. Find out more about volunteering, here.