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Support Groups


I would like to say Thank you to all at RoSA that has helped me through this difficult journey. I applaud all of you for doing what you do. You are angels living on earth.

Male survivor

Therapeutic Support Groups

Support groups provide a safe and confidential environment for participants to form connections with other people with similar experiences which can help to reduce the feelings of isolation.

Support groups are led by two trained facilitators who ensure that the sessions are effective and safe.  You will be under no pressure to share your experiences – you are in control of how much you share with others.

We run separate groups for Men, Women and Young People.

Friendship and Community Groups

Survivor led groups enabling people who have completed their counselling to build a strong network of support.

The Groups provide a safe environment to socialise, build friendships, communicate and have fun. Some of the groups work on creative projects for RoSA’s fundraising efforts in the support of other survivors.

Whether you have any creative ideas or not, theses groups are for survivors who recognise the need to have a life after therapy.