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What Do We Do?

RoSA provides a lifeline for service users and family members who have experienced the cruelty of rape, sexual abuse or sexual violence in Warwickshire.

Our Vision

Rape and sexual abuse of anyone is wrong.
You will be heard, believed and supported.
You will be supported to cope, progress and thrive.

Our Mission

We empower those affected by rape, childhood sexual abuse or sexual violence to live a future with hope and confidence.
We educate, inform and raise awareness.
We are committed to serve all communities in Warwickshire.

Our Values

We believe that rape, childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence is preventable and we challenge society to acknowledge both its reality and our individual and collective responsibility for it.  Here’s how we’ll do that:


We will always work closely with our community: service users, partners and each other.


We will always be independent, non-judgmental and available to everyone who has been affected by rape, childhood sexual abuse or sexual violence.


We will always treat each other and our community with dignity, respect and confidentiality without prejudice and discrimination.

We will act professionally and always do the right thing.


We will always prioritise the communities within Warwickshire and we are dedicated to ensure access for everyone to our services.



We use a comprehensive range of person centred, trauma informed services to provide support. These are provided face to face and online.


We connect users of our services with other agencies to empower them to address all their varied needs.



We partner with a wide range of trusted voluntary and statutory organisations across Warwickshire to deliver the best outcomes.


We support anybody affected by abuse in Warwickshire. 

We support those affected by rape, sexual abuse, sexual violence and child sexual exploitation.  We support children, young people and adults of any age or gender from any community across Warwickshire who have experienced the trauma of abuse.

We provide a range of specialist support services in venues across Warwickshire to address the effects of the psychological trauma of abuse to enable survivors/victims to cope and recover.

We employ early intervention strategies to educate and protect children and young people from abuse and raise awareness of abuse in their parents/carers and education professionals. In future, we are committed to develop further the range of services we offer to educational settings.


We connect users of our services across Warwickshire with our trusted supporting network to help them to cope and recover.  We signpost to a variety of other services that may help to meet the complex needs of survivors and those affected by abuse. 

We connect users of our services to opportunities to share and support each other. These opportunities reduce isolation, provide potential friendship and support for those affected by similar events which cause psychological trauma.

We will connect with hard-to-reach communities. We recognise that members of all communities experience the effects of abuse.  In future, we are committed to make more connections with these communities in order to offer our valued services to as many groups as possible.


We collaborate with a wide range of voluntary and statutory partners across Warwickshire to improve services for those affected by abuse. This is an integral part of RoSA’s delivery model.

We ensure the voice of survivors is heard by all our partners.

We share our services, expertise, knowledge and training with our partners, including educational settings throughout Warwickshire.  In future, we are committed to increase the range of partners in educational settings in order to raise awareness of the consequences of abuse.