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ISVA Service

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) provide a free, confidential, client-centred service around emotional and practical issues which you may be facing as a survivor of abuse. The service is totally independent of any statutory authority and provides support whether or not a matter has been reported to the police. The nature of the support that we provide will vary from case to case and will depend on your particular needs and circumstances.  Our accredited ISVA’s are independent, empathetic, and non-judgmental, and will work with you to put in place a support plan, and to secure assistance from other organisations if necessary.

Our ISVA can:

  • Provide information about reporting a crime, if you are considering it.
  • Help you with reporting, and support you during a police investigation, liaise with the police to ensure regular updates, attend interviews, pre-court visits, support you on the day of the trial, and continue supporting you after the trial finishes.
  • Organise and accompany you to GP appointments, GUM clinic appointments, Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)
  • Attend meetings with you to any agency, e.g. CAB, Social Services, mental health teams, employers
  • Provide advocacy and mediation; advise you about services you are entitled to, and help you access them.
  • Liaise with, and refer you to, other agencies, e.g. for support with drugs or alcohol dependency
  • Provide you with information on sexual health, and explain your options
  • Explain about Criminal Injuries Compensation and help you to apply
  • Work in partnership with criminal and civil justice agencies, health services, voluntary and statutory services, and victim and witness services, in order to best support victims and increase their accessibility to information
  • Help with accessing other services you may be entitled to, for example housing and benefits

The ISVA service is in addition to the counselling service RoSA offers, but you don’t have to be receiving counselling to access it.  You can use as much or as little of the service as you choose, and you can stop receiving support at any time.  

If you wish to speak with one of our ISVA’s you can do so in confidence by calling the RoSA office on 01788 551150.