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Children and Young People

How you might be feeling

The trauma of being abused is a difficult thing to process. It may leave you feeling confused, isolated, feeling dirty, and ashamed and as if it was your fault.

At RoSA we know that it wasn’t your fault, you are not to blame. We will always believe what you have told us, we understand these feelings and we will support you in your journey to process what you are experiencing in order for things to be more manageable.

What we offer

We offer a counselling service for children and young people from 4-18 years old.

We also support vulnerable young people up to the age of 25. adults who for a variety of reasons may not be able to protect themselves against sexual assault or exploitation.

What to expect from us

  • We offer a confidential service for children and young people where you can remain anonymous if you wish
  • We have dedicated rooms for children and young people where they can feel relax and safe.
  • Counselling can include talking, play therapy and creative arts.
  • All our counsellors and support workers are trained in this specialist work and adhere to safeguarding and child protection procedures.
  • We accept self-referrals from young people, referral from parents, carers and professionals.
  • Self-referrals can be made directly to our designated Children & Young Person’s Counsellor.