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I have found the organisation to be indispensable to me. My ISVA is particularly good as she helps me with all manner of practical day to day requirements. She is very professional and has a depth of knowledge which I find reassuring. I have used other support services, and without a doubt RoSA is by far the best.

Female survivor

RoSA works with all individuals who have experienced the trauma of sexual violence at any time in their lives.

It may be happening now, has happened recently or happened a long time ago.

Has rape or sexual abuse affected your life?

  • Are you worried about going to the GP alone?
  • Do you have concerns about reporting to the police and going to court?
  • Would you like support when going to meetings?
  • Are you unsure about what services are available to you?
  • Are you using alcohol or drugs to help you cope?
  • Is there a lot to deal with at the moment?
  • Are you finding it difficult to trust other people?

We believe it requires great courage to take that first step of picking up the telephone and admitting that you have been raped or abused, and that you need help.

RoSA is here to help. We will listen without judgement. We will believe without question. We are here for you.

We will work at your pace and will do what you need us to do to help you recover.