Quick Exit

Client’s story

“I had never spoken about what had happened to me, well I did try once but I just got hit and abused even more and I was told I was mad. I was 5 when it began. There was no way out, I felt scared all the time, I was afraid of everything. I self-harmed a lot, I hated myself, I felt dirty, disgusting.

I believed it was my fault you see. At 35, I just wanted to die, and I did try. For some reason I was looking online and came across RoSA’s website. They talked about dignity and respect, I laughed that couldn’t mean me. Weeks went by before I called them; I missed 5 appointments before I had the courage to meet with them, but they never gave up on me, they just kept saying it was ok and I could meet with them if and when I wanted to. They were so kind to me, they believed me.

Counselling wasn’t easy, they told me it would be hard work, they were right. There were times when I felt really stuck and I thought I would never get through this but RoSA was always there for me. I sometimes felt a nuisance and that I should be better, they just said it takes as long as it takes. They helped me to understand why I felt the way I did, they were so patient. 2 and half years later, I can’t thank them enough they really did save my life. I no longer blame myself, I am happy; I have a job I love, I have friends, I like me and I never thought I would ever feel like this.

Dignity and respect wow, thank you so much RoSA you changed my life”


Thank you very, very much for yesterday, being so patient and encouraging and allowing me the space to go to the Club, in the way I wanted. It made such a difference, and yes, really glad I did it and enjoyed myself.

Teen survivor
I have found the organisation to be indispensable to me. My ISVA is particularly good as she helps me with all manner of practical day to day requirements. She is very professional and has a depth of knowledge which I find reassuring. I have used other support services, and without a doubt RoSA is by far the best.

Female survivor
I would like to say Thank you to all at RoSA that has helped me through this difficult journey. I applaud all of you for doing what you do. You are angels living on earth.

Male survivor