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Short Training Courses

RoSA’s aim to provide a holistic service to their clients includes a series of short courses for clients both before and after 1:1 counselling. The courses are designed to complement 1:1 counselling and provide clients with tools and guidance designed to assist with the improvement of general wellbeing.


Coping with Anxiety 

Helping clients to understand anxiety; what it is; where it comes from and developing coping strategies to cope with general anxiety, panic attacks and flashbacks


Developing Assertiveness and self-awareness

Developing strategies to enable clients to be treated fairly by others, stand up for their rights; to express negative emotions and be able to say ‘no’



Develop breathing and relaxation techniques that enables the experience of the ‘here and now’.  Assists with anxiety and the stresses and strains of everyday life


Building confidence and self-esteem

Helping clients to identify their current strengths and develop new skills. Providing tools and guidance to assist with hopes and goals in life


Managing  Anger

Tools and techniques to manage angry thoughts and behaviours with an aim to improving relationships and managing sensitive situations in everyday life

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