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Helpline: 01788 551151

SARC – Sexual Assault Referral Centre


The SARC is a local partnership between the police, health services and voluntary organisations such as us, RoSA, set up to focus on your immediate support needs 24/7.

The SARC Blue Sky Centre telephone number is 02476 865505.

The Blue Sky Centre offers the following services:

  • Dedicated forensically secure facility integrated with hospital services.
  • Availability of forensic examination 24 hours a day within 4 hours of immediate need.
  • Self referrals can be made.
  • Forensic Results can be stored.
  • A female medical practitioner wherever possible.
  • Crisis workers available to provide immediate support to the victim.
  • Immediate access to emergency contraception and drugs to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
  • Referral pathways to Independent Sexual Violence Advisors.
  • Signposting and referral to other appropriate statutory and voluntary services.


Thank you for your support

Ministry Of Justice
Heart of England Community Foundation
The National Lottery Community Fund
Henry Smith Charity
Lloyds Bank Foundation