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Helpline: 01788 551151

Safety Awareness Workshops in Schools, Colleges & Community Centres

Through this service we aim to raise students’ and young people’s awareness of issues relating to rape, sexual violence and sexual abuse. Students learn how to keep themselves safe, and to be able to recognise sexual abuse for what it is, despite its many guises.


We aim to:

  • increase awareness of issues relating to rape and sexual abuse
  • increase awareness of child sexual exploitation and peer on peer sexual exploitation
  • increase awareness of the risks of sexting and social media
  • focus on personal safety, including domestic risk and internet safety
  • highlight emotions and reactions to rape or sexual abuse
  • increase awareness of RoSA and the services it provides for children, young people and families
  • banish the myths about rape and sexual abuse, and to encourage open discussion of the surrounding issues

Students gain vital life skills, ensuring they are aware of their right:

  • to be treated as equal to everyone else, with respect and dignity
  • to express their own opinions and values
  • to choose to say Yes or No without feeling guilty
  • to grow into adulthood, and to develop free from guilt or fear



Thank you for your support

Ministry Of Justice
Heart of England Community Foundation
The National Lottery Community Fund
Henry Smith Charity
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