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Helpline: 01788 551151

ISVA and Advocacy

dreamstime_l_28785298Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA’s) have been here at RoSA since 2006 delivering a free, confidential and victim-focussed service. The service is totally independent of any statutory authority and provides support for you whether you are in or out of the criminal justice process i.e. reported to the police.

Our two accredited ISVA’s are empathetic, non-judgemental and will be your single point of contact throughout your engagement with us. They will help create a tailor made and completely unique client focused care plan empowering you to be in control of the support that is offered.

Our ISVA’s can:

  • Organise and accompany you to GP appointments, GUM clinic appointments, Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)
  • Attend meetings with you to any agency, e.g. CAB, Social Services, mental health teams, employers, Advocacy and mediation, Advise you about services you are entitled to, and help you access them.
  • Liaise with, and refer you to, other agencies, e.g. for support with drugs
  • Provide you with information on sexual health, and explain your options
  • Explain about Criminal Injuries Compensation and help you to apply
  • Visit you at home if necessary
  • Help with Visual Evidence for Victims by taking photographic
    evidence and recording it correctly so that you have proof if you wish to take action at a later date
  • Act as a single point of contact
  • Be independent and client centred
  • Help you to be in controldreamstime_l_20355294
  • Be non-judgmental and empathetic
  • Help you, whether or not you have reported to the police
  • Working in partnership with criminal and civil justice agencies, health services, voluntary and statutory services, and victim and witness services, in order to best support victims and increase their accessibility to information
  • Support you during a police investigation, liaise with the police to ensure regular updates, attend interviews, pre-court visits, support you on the day of the trial, and continue supporting you after the trial finishes.
  • Provide information about reporting the crime, if you are considering it.


If you wish to speak with one of our ISVA’s you can do so in confidence by calling the RoSA office on 01788 551150 or call them direct on 01788 513115 0r 01788 513114.


Alternatively you can email them on




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